07 February 2019

Mundubbera workshop: Develop your farm’s biosecurity plan

Mundubbera workshop: Develop your farm’s biosecurity plan

7 February 2019

The Citrus Australia Queensland Regional Advisory Committee will hold a workshop in Mundubbera on Wednesday, February 13, to help growers develop a biosecurity plan for their farm.

The workshop will use the Biosecurity Manual for Citrus Producers to:
• Identify biosecurity issues
• Assess the risks
• Develop a biosecurity plan for your business

Robert Hayes, Harvest Trail, will speak on biosecurity and labour hire, and National Citrus Surveillance Coordinator, Jeff Milne, and Citrus Australia quality project officer Mara Milner will be available until mid-afternoon to help further develop individual plans if required.

The day will begin at the Mundubbera Shire Hall at 9am with morning tea.

Contact admin@citrusaustralia.com.au or call (03) 50236 333 to register.

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