Citrus Australia’s podcast The Full Bottle premiered May 11, 2022 and releases an episode on the last Monday of each month.

The podcast is an Australian citrus industry first, created for Aussie citrus growers by Citrus Australia to deliver content to educate, inspire and entertain citrus families and businesses across the nation. Each episode will bring you the latest information from growers, researchers and our very own Citrus Australia CEO, Nathan Hancock.

Whether you’re travelling in the ute or working in the orchard, The Full Bottle has got you covered.

What does ‘the full bottle’ mean?

According to the Aussie Slang Dictionary, the phrase ‘the full bottle’ is defined as ‘very knowledgeable about something, an expert‘. We also like the definition ‘well-formed and enthusiastic about something‘ because that’s exactly what we are.

Who are your hosts?

Your hosts each month are:


Gabrielle Torpey

Media & Communications Officer

Citrus Australia’s Media & Communications Officer, Gabby Torpey was once referred unironically as ‘the coolest person at Citrus Australia,’ a title which she upholds proudly. Working alongside Stephen as a newb in the industry, she can often be found in citrus orchards making reels for Instagram.

Where can I listen?

The Full Bottle podcast can be listened on various streaming platforms including Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Podbean App, Amazon Music, iHeart Radio and Samsung. Alternatively, each episode is also released on our Facebook and Twitter. Click HERE to listen.

How do I listen? 

Listening is easy! Pick an episode that is of interest to you, or listen from the beginning. Make sure you hit ‘follow’ so you can stay informed when our next episode is out.

Leave feedback or suggestions to the podcast HERE.

Notes from episodes

Sometimes our guest speakers like to share with listeners useful resources which they mentioned in an episode. Find them below if not in the description of the podcast episode.

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