Queensland fruit fly – citrus baiting fact sheet

Citrus growers in southern regions can learn more about integrating Qfly bait spraying into their pest management program by downloading a new citrus baiting fact sheet from the Citrus Australia website. You can download it here.


FAQs about the citrus industry residue testing service

Citrus Australia facilitates a citrus residue testing program because exporting growers need certainty that residues on their crop are compliant with the MRLs set by each market. Click here for answers to some commonly asked questions.


Integrated Pest Management critical to pest control in citrus

To conserve the valuable and effective chemicals currently in use, it is critical to revisit Integrated Pest Management (IPM) strategies. You can learn more about the importance of IPM in citrus here.


Aphytis wasps for biological control of red scale in citrus

You can learn more about red scale suppression with Aphytis melinus wasps here.


Citrus export MRLs

A listing of citrus export MRLs has been provided through an ongoing Horticulture Innovation Australia funded project.  Citrus Australia’s Citrus Market Access Manager, David Daniels updates these regularly.  Find them on the Export MRL Listing Page clicking here.


Citrus Australia news on Agrichemicals

MFC works with growers on chemical use

Better spray coverage best way to improve production, reduce disease resistance


For our position on Agrichemical Policies, click here.

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