Traceability systems enable information to be provided through the supply chain, tracking the journey of food from farm to consumer.

Citrus Australia is partnering with Agriculture Victoria to lead a major innovative project to strengthen citrus traceability for high-value export markets.

The pilot, funded by the Victorian Government, is running through the 2022 citrus harvest, and aims to build, diversify and protect exports by developing producer-to-consumer traceability.

We are implementing new traceability systems to help maintain and elevate safety and quality for consumers and leverage the value of Australian export brands.

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How does it work?

The project will integrate traceability technology in the Mildura Fruit Company (MFC) packhouse, utilising automation to reduce human data entry. Unique serialised GS1 Digital Link-enabled QR code labels will be added to both bags and cartons of fruit making them traceable by sales unit from end to end.

GS1 Australia will incorporate its traceability standards into the project, enhancing the international compatibility of these supply chains for global exports.

GS1 standards enable organisations to identify, capture and share information smoothly, creating a common language that underpins systems and processes all over the world.

There is also an additional emphasis on increasing the scan rate by overseas consumers. A marketing campaign for premium fruit brands and varieties will be utilised to raise customer awareness.

In addition to protecting Australian export brands through the innovative labelling of boxes and bags, the project will include isotope testing of Australian fruit.

Isotope testing will enable the ability to differentiate place of origin of Australian citrus fruit using science to prove provenance down to the individual farm and region.

It not only protects them from deliberate food fraud, but can provide evidence in disputes from export partners on MRLs, and domestic and international claims of food borne illness.

The third component of the project is the further development of a national online crop mapping platform.

Digitising the mapping will help improve the traceability to farm for biosecurity and food fraud related issues and is a step in understanding the flow of citrus from farm to packhouse to market.

Traceability Cost Benefit Analysis (CBA) Calculator

> CBA Calculator for Traceability Systems

This Traceability Cost Benefit Analysis (CBA) Calculator has been developed to assist producers and processors assess the viability of procuring traceability systems. The tool estimates a return on investment (ROI) based on user inputs regarding the costs and benefits of procuring a new traceability system. The accuracy of estimated results depends on the quality of information provided by the user on the Inputs page.

This tool was developed by Agriculture Victoria in collaboration with stakeholders from the table grapes, citrus and cherries industries, logistics sector, traceability system solution providers and GS1 Australia.


This model has been prepared by Agriculture Victoria for businesses to identify the potential benefits of introducing a traceability system.

Any results presented are general in nature and the choice to adopt a traceability system should be considered alongside other information and expertise. The results are calculated based on the user-inputted information. These results are an estimate and should be used for guidance purposed only.


At the end of this project, this report was developed to showcase the project results and details. You can view or download the report here.

The National Isotope and Trace Element (NITE) Profile for Australian Citrus is a pioneering project report outlining how a fundamental scientific traceability data set has been established for Australian citrus. Click here to read the report.


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