Building industry capability

We are taking steps to support access to biosecurity training and to create industry opportunities for information exchange, upskilling and boosting of biosecurity leadership capability. We aim to increase the overall ability of the Australian citrus industry to address biosecurity related market disruptions in a structured and informed way. Understanding how to detect and report priority pests & diseases is an important part of protecting the industry.


Study tours

Through CitrusWatch, and related biosecurity project work, Citrus Australia organises overseas study tours for growers and other industry personnel to learn more about exotic pests & diseases, and their management. If you are interested in taking part in a future study tour, email an Expression of Interest to



Online and in person biosecurity training is offered by several organisations. Information on available Units of Competency and unofficial training modules is provided below.

Online training courses

The Biosecurity Online Training (BOLT) platform is managed by Plant Health Australia. The platform hosts several short training modules, including a CitrusWatch module. Register for a free BOLT account to access these modules.

  • Plant Biosecurity in Australia
  • National EPP Response Management
  • Growers – pest reporting and responses
  • Researchers – pest reporting and responses
  • Plant surveillance
  • Exotic citrus pest monitoring (psyllids) (CitrusWatch - module 1)
  • Exotic citrus pest identification (CitrusWatch - module 2)
  • Greenlife retailer pests & diseases
  • Hitchhiker pests

TOCAL Agricultural College is a Registered Training Organisation and offers a range of accredited Units of Competency and short courses. Biosecurity related online courses are listed below.

  • Crop scout exotic pest monitoring
  • Gateway pests of NSW

The EMtrain platform is managed by New South Wales Government. The platform hosts several short training modules that focus on improving your ability to work in an emergency response scenario. These courses are beneficial for industry representatives who may be required to work in a biosecurity response in the event of an incursion. Register for a free EMtrain account to access these modules.

  • Working in Agricultural Emergencies
  • Information and Communications Management
  • Induction into DPI Response

The Agriculture Victoria eLearning Management System offers a growing number of online modules. Of relevance to the citrus industry is the Come Clean, Stay Clean, Go Clean module.

Other training options

Citrus Australia can organise group training for citrus growers who are interested in virtual or face to face workshops on the following topics:

  • Industry Liaison Officer training (delivered by Plant Health Australia)
  • Biosecurity Emergency Response Training (delivered by TOCAL College)
  • Bespoke simulations (‘war gaming’) (face to face workshop delivered by Plant Health Australia)

If you are interested in taking part in future group training email an Expression of Interest to


ACP distribution fact sheet

ACP host fact sheet

Citrus flush fact sheet

What is a psyllid? fact sheet

Exotic citrus psyllids booklet

Top citrus pests fact sheet

Exotic pests and diseases poster (A3)

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