Citrus Australia offers two types of membership: Grower and Affiliate.

Grower Members

Over 200 citrus growers ‘own’ and direct Citrus Australia. Grower members pay a voluntary annual membership based on their hectares, and receive one vote for every dollar of membership paid.

Citrus Australia protects the privacy of all growers, and does not share any contact information with other members or the public.

Affiliate Members

Industry associated organisations have the opportunity to support Citrus Australia through a set annual membership fee. There are two tiers of affiliate membership - Premium Affiliate and Affiliate.

In 2023, we are proud to have the following businesses as Premium Affiliate Members of Citrus Australia:

ABC Software Ltd

Sharon Chapman - Managing Director
+64 212 236 991
Visit Website

ADAMA Australia

Visit Website

Ag Plus Consultancy

Tim ODea - Director / Owner
0429 112 225
Visit Website

AgNova Technologies

Agri Technovation

Lizmar van den Elst - PR Accounts Manager
+27 825 699 906
Visit Website


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Glenn Harvey - National Reefer Manager
0419 765 357
Visit Website

Apeel Science

Visit Website

Aus Farm Land

Coral Di Giovanni - Director
0414 866 233


Tim Herrmann - Manager
0417 570 065
Visit Website


Damien Odgers - BDM (Horticulture)
0429 425 742
Visit Website

Citrus NZ

Peter Ensor - Executive Manager
+64 21 223 2295
Visit Website

Colin Campbell

Visit Website

Darling Group Australia T/A J.H. Leavy & Co

Jacob Darling - CEO
Visit Website

Delica Australia

Visit Website

Doehler Australia Pty Ltd

Visit Website

E.E. Muir & Sons

Craig Wooldridge - Post Harvest Specialist
0407 729 842
Visit Website

Easy Liquids

Visit Website

edp Australia

Visit Website

Eternal Fruits

Kirby Trautwein - Packhouse Manager
0438 204 449

First Fresh NZ

Visit Website

G2 Netting Systems

Kyle Lamont - Sales Manager
0499 424 240
Visit Website

Global Produce Solutions

Mano Babiolakis - Managing Director
0413 482 158

Grove Fruit Juice

Visit Website

Hansen Tasmania

Baden Ribbon - Sales Manager
0407 354 205

Harvest Trail Information Service

Talei Jarrett - Administration Officer
03 5025 4093
Visit Website

Harvey Fresh Juice

Horticulture Fresh Australia

Visit Website

Incitec Pivot Fertilisers

J-Tech Systems

Michael Williams - General Manager
0409 776 807
Visit Website

John Bean Technologies

Visit Website


Kruger Plant Production Adviser

Legacy Packing

Lochert Brothers

Visit Website

Made Manufacturing

Mildura Fruit Company

Visit Website


Craig Davison - Ops & Sales Manager
0447 684 886
Visit Website


03 5133 9118
Visit Website

Planet X

Marie Nelmes - General Manager Non-China Markets
02 4321 0037

PowerMaintenance Pty Ltd

Visit Website

Premier Fresh Australia

Visit Website

Reemoon Sorting Australia

Visit Website

Rivulis Irrigation

Visit Website

Southern Cross Farms

Peter O'Donnell - Executive Director
0429 104 225
Visit Website

SSM Fruits

Sonia & Devy Ahuja - Managing Directors
(S) 0415 652 686 | (D) 0414 602 098
Visit Website

SWAN Systems

John Pargeter
0467 000 229
Visit Website

Ten Farms

David Holman - Director
0499 594 541
Visit Website

The Food Revolution Group

The Fresh Connection South Pacific

Visit Website


Sarah Liversage - Category Marketing Manager
+64 21 628 712
Visit Website

ValleyFresh Exports

Doug Hammonds - CEO
0408 786 179
Visit Website

Variety Access


Visit Website

Victorian Citrus Farms

Visit Website

WA Farm Direct

Visit Website

Water Partners

Visit Website

Yenda Producers

Visit Website

Many thanks to the following businesses who are Affiliate Members of Citrus Australia:

Last updated 24 May 2024

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