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More to C in Citrus

Citrus fruits (oranges, mandarins, lemons, limes and grapefruits) have a famous place in nutrition science.

In 1747, in the first ever clinical trial, citrus fruits were shown to reverse signs of scurvy in sailors. It was not until the 1930s that it was discovered this was due to their rich vitamin C content.

Today, we know there is a lot more to citrus fruits than vitamin C.

All citrus fruits contain fibre, essential mirconutrients like folate and potassium, and they are one of the richest sources of flavonoids, a class of plant bioactives. It is this unique, whole food package that is thought to work synergistically to deliver important health benefits, including immune support, brain health, and heart health.


Did you know?

Citrus fruits contain the plant bioactives hesperidin and naringenin. These are thought to have important health properties and are not commonly found in other foods.


With new infectious diseases, and cold and flu viruses spreading, nutrition for immunity is a hot topic. There is lots of interest, emerging research, but also, myths, and misconceptions.

Learn about the evidence for citrus fruits and why their unique nutrition package can have an important, evidenced-based role in immune support.

Brain Health

Better brain health not only reduces chronic disease risk, but it can also mean improved mental health and everyday performance.

Learn how citrus fruits are becoming a key part of evidence-based dietary recommendations for better brain health.

Heart Health

Did you know that in large prospective cohort studies, citrus fruits have one of the strongest protective associations for ischemic stroke of all fruit and vegetable types?

Understand how the unique nutrition package of citrus fruits can benefit heart health through many mechanisms of action.

Client friendly fact sheet

Ready to empower your clients with knowledge and tips on the health properties of citrus fruits?

Dive into the vibrant world of citrus fruits with your clients, with the help of this visual and easy-to-follow guide.


Citrus fruits add a variety of bright colours, sweet fragrance, and zesty flavour to meals. They are versatile, available year-round, and fit perfectly in plant based, low FODMAP, Mediterranean, DASH, and minimally processed diets.

Plus, they're delicious!

Infographic & Social Media Tiles

Keen to showcase the science of citrus fruits with your followers?

Download and share this beautiful infographic and social media tiles, created to help you showcase the latest information on citrus fruits and health.


Catch a recording of the webinar: Is citrus the forgotten affordable superfood?

In this fasinating webinar, you’ll join Professor Linda Tapsell, a leading expert in nutrition & dietetics, and Dr Emma Beckett, a food scientist & media personality, as they explore the science of food synergy, bioactives, and the contemporary role of citrus in health.

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