Taking a membership with Citrus Australia provides additional funds to invest in our team and programs, including government liaison and advocacy, which has become more critical as we provide grower representation in the areas of labour, water, biosecurity, market access, agrichemicals, infrastructure, energy, research and development, and climate.

Citrus Australia regularly contributes to government inquiries into matters that will impact growers, and seeks member consultation on these issues. You can view our submissions here.

We also hold a seat on many committees and stakeholder engagement groups on a federal and state level, including:

  • National Farmers' Federation (NFF) Horticulture Council
  • Plant Industry Forum
  • Hort Innovation's Strategic Industry Advisory Panel (SIAP)
  • National Fruit Fly Council
  • Horticulture Export Industry Consultative Committee (HEICC)
  • Biosecurity Commons Expert Panel
  • Plant Industry Biosecurity Committee
  • Various advisory panels and project reference groups for Hort Innovation

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