The Australian citrus industry comprises a range of business types, predominantly small to medium businesses in rural areas.

Growing packing and delivering more than 800,000 tonnes of citrus products each year requires a reliable infrastructure.

Policy position

Citrus Australia supports policy that:

  • Addresses mobile telecommunications black spots
  • Delivers high speed internet in any form with wider availability and greater affordability, better speeds and effectiveness
  • Improves efficiency, access and investment in ports, airports, rail, roads
  • Recognises the growth in the agriculture and horticulture sector and invests to improve port efficiency


On-Farm Accommodation

In October 2020, Citrus Australia submitted a submission to the Victorian Government to state our position on the issues with building or upgrading on-farm accommodation in regional and rural areas.  Policies under each level of government have created an environment where it is difficult for growers to offer on-farm accommodation that is financially viable.  The Victorian Government is currently working to reduce these burdens.  You can view the submission here.

Mobile Black Spots

In June 2020, Citrus Australia submitted a submission to the Australian Government to advocate for new infrastructure in mobile black spot areas that correlate with citrus growing regions around Australia.  This was based off results of a survey answered by grower members.  We also wrote to Federal MPs whose home electorate covered these areas, to seek further support for this infrastructure.  Round 5A of funding for mobile black spots is yet to open.  You can view the submission here.


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