FROM SEED TO TABLE Where does Citrus Australia fit in?




  • Signatory to the Deed, representing industry in an exotic pest incursion
  • Advocating for nursery regulation, increased border surveillance, tougher penalties

Variety & Rootstock Committee

  • Linking breeding and evaluation projects to commercial outcomes
  • Sourcing publicly available genetics for assessment in Australia; focus on HLB resistance


  • Shaping industry growth via R&D based on grower consultation
  • Collaborating with international networks to identify R&D priorities


Market access & development

  • Developing and diversifying market access
  • Tree census – collecting and reporting data to inform planting decisions

National & regional forums

  • Education and networking opportunities locally and internationally

Advisory Committees

  • Regional and Issue based; local growers, packers and industry experts
  • Discuss grower member concerns in each region and take action


  • Advocating for deliverability and availability of water to citrus growing regions


Market Access & Development

  • Responding to issues in market throughout the season, engaging with growers and the government
  • Engaging with retail sector as required
  • Communicating with industry on issues and advocating for solutions.


  • Advocating for access to seasonal and skilled workers and for changes to visas and sponsorship of workers
  • COVID19 Support
  • Guidance and support in managing workforce


Market information & quality

  • Pre-season maturity testing Weekly reports on domestic market maturity testing throughout harvest
  • Crop forecasting
  • KCT pest monitor training

Energy & Infrastructure

  • Advocating for efficiency, access and investment in infrastructure and affordable, reliable energy

Market development

  • Training growers and packers in Freshcare
  • Export protocols - KCT registration and government consultation

Pest & Disease Committee

  • Identifying bio security threats to industry
  • • Preparing strategies and operational responses


  • Identifying new processes and new chemistry to bring to Australia
  • Assisting growers to move towards ultra-low residue levels while maintaining protection from pests and diseases


Market information, access & development

  • Collating and distributing industry data; market reports, export reports
  • Ensuring access to markets remains open
  • Developing and diversifying market access

Domestic & Export Committees

  • Staying up to date with current events, sharing real-time information
  • Identifying opportunities and challenges


  • Liaising with international governments regarding residues in fresh produce

Juice Committee

  • Identifying challenges in the Australian fresh juice industry
  • Advocating for policy change to encourage consumer consumption
  • Impacting the juice sector to increase profitability and ensure the continuity of fresh juice in Australia


Industry engagement

  • Sharing updates with growers through e-news and magazine
  • Managing media
  • Consumer marketing content, images, and social media


  • R&D on understanding consumer preferences

Food safety

  • Ensuring consumers receive fresh, safe, healthy citrus

Citrus Australia invites all citrus growers and industry affiliates to join as a member.

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Taking a membership with Citrus Australia provides funds to invest in our team and programs, including government liaison, which will become more critical as we provide grower representation in the areas of labour, water, biosecurity, market access, agrichemicals, infrastructure, energy, research and development, and climate. Read more about how we represent members in policy and advocacy here.

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What’s in it for growers?

  • Govern the strategic direction of the company and guide policy development
  • Monitor organisational performance, financial position, approve appointments, and liaise with stakeholders

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What’s in it for premium affiliates?

  • Receive one complimentary advertisement per year (one-quarter page) in the Australian Citrus News magazine (valued at $660)
  • Get your invitation to attend and to exhibit at our major events - including the Australian Citrus Congress
  • Receive your invitation to our AGM
  • Invitation to member events
  • Attend our Regional Forums in key markets around Australia
  • Have your business name listed as an Premium Affiliate Member on the Citrus Australia website, with a logo and link to your company website

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Stay in touch with all things citrus with our affiliate membership:

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Still got questions?

We’ve heard the odd yarn from growers that doesn’t quite add up, so we thought we’d set some things straight.

A. No.  Citrus Australia is a not-for-profit member organisation.  Our grower members pay the citrus levy which goes to Hort Innovation, and they also pay a voluntary membership fee based on their hectares directly to Citrus Australia.  Citrus Australia bids for citrus levy funding to conduct Research & Development (R&D) projects managed by Hort Innovation, and is currently administering six of these.

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If you are not already a member, please show your support and join Citrus Australia today. Collectively we can make big things happen.