15 February 2024

ChillSafe sponsors Citrus Australia

Citrus Australia is excited to announce a new sponsorship deal with ChillSafe, the ultimate weapon against citrus spoilage.

The sponsorship provides current Citrus Australia members with a limited time 10 per cent discount on the innovative ChillSafe product, while also ensuring a profitable future for the citrus sector.

The team behind ChillSafe is proudly pledging 1.5 per cent of every sale back to Citrus Australia, aiding the peak industry body in its research, development and advocacy work, performed for the benefit of industry members.

ChillSafe is a pioneering sachet technology conceived by refrigeration sanitation specialist Coolsan and brought to market by E.E. Muir & Sons.

Deployed in cool storage and transport vehicles – ensuring a seamless integration into existing operations – the solution combats challenges like fruit rot and quality degradation. It has been developed to enhance grower profitability and promote sustainable practices.

“We’re here to give you the competitive edge, while upholding standards in quality and sustainability,” said E.E. Muir & Sons’ Aaron Milner.

“ChillSafe equips you around the clock with formidable defence against the very elements that threaten citrus quality – bacteria, mould, yeast, viruses, ethylene, and odours.

“When paired with your existing hygiene protocols, witness your waste decrease and shelf-life increase, potentially tipping the scales from red to black.”

Venus Citrus is already seeing the benefits of using ChillSafe, reporting a reduction in its waste since introducing the technology to its cool rooms last season.

“Now’s your chance to step up your operation and prevent another year’s worth of waste from diminishing your returns,” said Milner.

“Don’t just watch as others take the lead, secure your pre-order of ChillSafe and be the catalyst for change in your business and the wider industry through this unique sponsorship.”

The sponsorship is an extension of the Corporate Partnership recently signed between Citrus Australia and ChillSafe.

“This sponsorship is more than strategic – it’s transformative,” said Citrus Australia CEO Nathan Hancock. “Industry members will not only reap the benefits of this innovative product, they will be better supported through the extension of our work here at Citrus Australia, which is focused on building a resilient, progressive and profitable industry.”



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