23 November 2017

Reminder on using Samurai for gall wasp control

Reminder on using Samurai for gall wasp control


As highlighted in Stephen Falivene’s season update in early November, gall wasp is hatching now. Citrus Australia holds two Emergency Use Permits for the use of Samurai® (Clothianidin) to control citrus gall wasp. The two permits may be viewed at:



This is a reminder that the permits state that product should not be applied until two weeks after flowering has finished to ensure all bees have stopped foraging in the crop and to give bee keepers time to move their hives away.  Beekeepers that are known to have hives within 2 km of the orchard should be notified at least 48 hours prior to application.

Samurai® is dangerous to bees and may kill bees foraging in the citrus crop at the time of application.  Mortality is most likely if bees drink from irrigation water or dew on the ground after irrigation.

Our continued access to this important product is dependent upon compliance with the permit conditions and any breaches will threaten this access.

For more information contact david.daniels@citrusaustralia.com.au  

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