Promising signs for Australian citrus

September 22, 2023

While not without its challenges, there have been signs of improvement for the Australian citrus industry over the 2023 season. Comparing the season to date with that of 2022, Citrus Australia CEO Nathan Hancock said fruit quality had improved in 2023. The tail-end of the 2023 harvest has been particularly strong from a quality perspective,…

Basin plan should be reached without more buybacks

September 4, 2023

Citrus Australia is deeply concerned about the impacts of a buyback strategy announced for the Murray Darling Basin. Australian Minister for the Environment and Water, Tanya Plibersek, has lifted the embargo on water purchases by the Federal Government, paving the way for the reimplementation of water buybacks from the agriculture sector. Citrus Australia CEO Nathan…

Citrus Australia monitors pomelo risk analysis

August 23, 2023

Citrus Australia is closely monitoring a biosecurity import risk analysis being conducted on fresh pomelo fruit from Vietnam. The Australian Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry (DAFF) has commenced the risk analysis, in response to a market access request from Vietnam. It is the first step in a process to determine whether pomelo imports from…

Citrus Australia calls for Biosecurity Protection Levy to be scrapped

August 9, 2023

Peak industry body Citrus Australia has urged the Federal Government to repeal its proposed Biosecurity Protection Levy. Announced under the government’s 2023/24 budget, the levy will apply to Australian producers of agricultural, forestry and fishery products from 1 July 2024. The levy has been set at a rate equivalent to 10 per cent of the…

Citrus Australia leads first Origin Verification Program for Australian Citrus Fruit

June 27, 2023

Through an Agriculture Victoria Food to Market program, Citrus Australia has conducted a study which is the first of its kind, to characterise Australian oranges at both a country and regional level, using laboratory testing of trace elements and isotope ratios. The key goal of the project was to provide an internationally accepted laboratory traceability…

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