13 October 2021

Nominate for the Citrus Australia Board – grower and independent director 

Citrus Australia Ltd would like to advise its members that the formal process to select directors to fill vacancies has now commenced.

Citrus Australia wishes to advise that there are two vacancies: one non-executive grower member director and one vacancy for a non-executive independent director.  This is as a result of the constitutional requirement for directors to retire from office at the conclusion of each Annual General Meeting (AGM).

The directors that will be retiring from office and eligible for re-nomination are Mr Richard Byllaardt (Grower director) and Mr Greg Fraser (Independent director).

The 14th AGM is scheduled to be held in March 2021.

Citrus Australia members now have the opportunity to nominate for these positions.

The Director Selection Committee are hereby calling for applications from interested members for the positions of one non-executive grower member director and one non-executive independent director for terms of 3 years.

Applications must be received by COB Wednesday 27 October 2021.  Following receipt of applications, the Director Selection Committee will consider all applications, shortlist and conduct interviews to determine the best candidates to be appointed at the 14th AGM.

Applicants are requested to obtain a copy of the Director Position Description from Citrus Australia via accounts@citrusaustralia.com.au

For further information please contact Iain Evans, Chair of the Director Selection Committee on Iain.Evans@citrusaustralia.com.au or mobile 0419 805 067.

All applications must be marked Confidential and addressed to the attention of the Director Selection Committee and submitted via email to the Company Secretary accounts@citrusaustralia.com.au

Greg Fraser

Richard Byllaardt

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