11 February 2019

Citrus plant infected with citrus canker detected in Darwin

Citrus plant infected with citrus canker detected in Darwin

11 February 2019

A further citrus plant infected with citrus canker has been detected in Darwin as part of the ongoing work of the citrus canker emergency response team.

A plant infected with the disease has been detected on a residential property in the suburb of Nakara.

The infected plant has been traced back to the original supplier and is not a result of natural spread of the disease.

Available evidence indicates that citrus canker is still restricted to citrus plants sold since 1 January 2017, and that all infected plants that have been found to date are linked to the original source.

Ongoing efforts continue to show no signs of the disease in commercial citrus orchards.

AS a result of the find, the restricted area has been extended. The response team will inspect a further 153 properties for citrus trees.

Citrus Australia CEO, Nathan Hancock, said detections in the NT are expected to continue as surveillance teams look for the remaining trees believed to have been infected.

“It seems counter intuitive but these additional finds are seen as a positive sign the response is effective in its strategy,” Mr Hancock said.

Mr Hancock continues to represent industry at a range of meetings and working groups and is confident the response is sufficiently resourced and focused on the successful eradication of citrus canker.

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