21 December 2017

Reminder for KCT export protocol applications

Reminder for KCT export protocol applications


Growers who wish to be part of the Korea China and Thailand (KCT) export program must complete their applications by 31 December 2017.

“So far, we’ve received nearly 500 grower applications, the response has been fantastic” said Nicole Zerveas, Market Development Project Officer at Citrus Australia.

The export program so far has been a huge success. This year saw remarkable trade figures into China with 70,000 tonnes exported from January to October valued at AU $141 million.

Growers who wish to apply for the program must contact Nicole Zerveas to begin the application process. Once completing a tree census form, interested growers must then complete the KCT application form a submit it by 31 December 2017.

Application process for growers wanting to register for KCT

Applications will be received by the Department of Agriculture in 2018.

Applications for registration are necessary for trade to:

  • South Korea (excluding Queensland)
  • China (all states)
  • Thailand (all states)
  • Taiwan (South Australia only)
  • Japan (South Australia only)
  • New Zealand (all states)
  • USA (excludes Queensland and Western Australia)

To begin the application process contact Nicole Zerveas at Nicole.zerveas@citrusaustralia.com.au at the office on 03 5023 6333 or on mobile 0499 044 111.

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