29 August 2016

Now in Season!

Now in Season!


Citrus Australia CEO Judith Damiani and Market Access Manager David Daniels are in Japan this week, meeting with key members of industry and viewing the Now in Season! in-store promotion.
Judith and David will meet with with key importers and distributors, fresh produce markets, members of Austrade and the Japanese Government.
“Japan is a major market for Australia and we are focussing on building relationships and sharing information to enable us to grow,” Judith said.
“Our Japanese partners are keen to hear about future growth, as well as potential issues, and we will be open with them.”
Australia has had a surge in exports to Japan this year.
Judith attributes this to a reduction of exports from South Africa, the quality of the current harvest, and the third year of tariff reductions established through the FTA with Japan.
“Japan is a mature market and we are not just supplying fruit, we are now strengthening our levels of engagement to assure we continue to grow that relationship.”
The Now in Season! in-store program is funded by Horticulture Innovation Australia and the Victorian Government. Citrus Australia will be viewing the in-store promotions with a view to ensuring future programs are effective at supporting growth in this key market.
Judith said these discussions with Japan could prove to be a pilot for other markets, including China.
David was also in the Philippines last week, viewing Now in Season! Promotions and holding seminars for the trade.

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