2019 Citrus Technical Forum Presentations

Andrew Harty – Afourer pruning strategies

Andrew Macnish – Improving Export Performance by Remote Temperature Monitoring

Andrew Macnish – Optimising Degreening Conditions to Reduce Lemon Chilling Injury

Andrew Robson – Citrus Facts and Follies of remote sensing of tree

Beatriz Stein – Argentina Citrus Industry

Beatriz Stein – HLB in Argentina

Cedrif Geffen – Croplogic

Craig Wooldridge – Fogging and Sanitisers

Dan Papacek – Fruit Fly

Dan Papacek – IPM

Dan Ryan – SITplus Update

Darren Ray – BOM – 2018-19 Seasonal Outlook

Dave Monks – Citrus variety evaluation

David Stevens – Afourer Canopy Management

Geoff Cornwell – FMC – Exirel

Jeff Milne – Implementing Biosecurity on Farm

Jianhua Mo – Online tools for the control of red scale and citrus gall wasp

John Golding – Export Costs

John Golding – Fungicide Resistance

John Golding – Hort Innovation Project

Joshua Clementson – NT Case Study – Citrus Canker and Biosecurity

Justin Lane – Managing Chemical use to protect available chemistry

Kevin Bodnaruk – Agrichemicals

Lluis Palou – Fungicide-Free Control of Citrus Postharvest Diseases

Lluis Palou – Trends in Citrus Postharvest Diseases in Spain

Malcolm Smith – New Developments in the Australian Breeding Program

Mara Milner – Tree Census

Matt Sherriff – Sacoa

Naomi Benger – BOM – Frost

Nate Jameson – HLB & Citrus Nursery Production

Nerida Donovan – Biggest Threats to Australian Citrus Production

Nick McKenna – MSC

Peter Creaser – Biosecurity

Peter Stephens – Irrigation Maintenance & Technology

Shaun Hood – Syngenta – Chairman

SP Singh – Food Borne Illness from Citrus Fruit

Steven Falivene – Frost management options

Tim Herrmann – Auscitrus – Securing our budwood supply