Citrus Juice Forum speaker highlight:

Dr Tahir Khurshid on new advances in rootstock varieties


Advances in rootstock varieties will benefit different sections of the Australian citrus industry.

Dr Tahir Khurshid, a Research Physiologist with NSW DPI, will update growers on the latest in these developments at the Citrus Juice Forum in Leeton, NSW, on 1 May.

Tahir has been involved in evaluating Chinese rootstock for 18 years. .

“From the Chinese rootstocks evaluation, I was able to release six rootstocks last year for the Australian citrus industry.  These rootstocks are four Poncirus trifoliata rootstocks (Zao Yang, Tanghe, Donghai and Ghana) and two Citrus Erythrosa (mandarin type), Anjiang hongju and Caoshi xiangju.

Tahir said these are all good rootstocks that fit different soil conditions and scion varieties. He added that research work is underway to confirm that Zao Yang rootstock – which is suitable for both navel and Valencia oranges – has that ability to exclude salt.

Tahir said originally the rootstocks were imported from China under the Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research funded project in early 1990s. Since the trees were planted at Dareton in 1999, Hort Innovation has funded the rootstock evaluation program until today.

He said these advances in rootstock varieties gave growers more choice and access to better performing rootstocks.

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