Citrus Postharvest Sanitation and Fungicide Resistance Service

What is the test kit?

The kit is one test kit of plates that are mailed to you after the order has been processed and paid to Citrus Australia. The kit contains three sets of plates which are placed out into the packinghouse at three different locations. Each set contains plates with different common postharvest fungicides (thiabendazole, imazalil and fludioxonil). The open plates are left out in the packinghouse for 1 hour, re-sealed and then sent back in a pre-paid Australia Post return express post bag to NSW Department of Primary Industries for identification of decay-causing fungi. A report of the packinghouse sanitation and any apparent technical resistance to postharvest fungicides is prepared with recommendations and sent by email within 10 working days of return of test kit.

Order Form

*Please note test kits will not be dispatched until their order has been paid and processed by Citrus Australia.

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