Imperial Mandarin

Citrus reticulata

The Imperial Mandarin is Australia’s third highest produced mandarin, predominately grown in Queensland, the Murray Valley and Riverland.

Queensland is Australia’s biggest producer of mandarins, especially the Imperial Mandarin, however most states grow this variety. Imperials are a early-season variety, meaning that they are going to be freshest closer towards the start of the citrus season. Due to different climates in growing areas, fruit matures and grows at different speeds across Australia. Queensland generally starts their harvest a bit earlier than other states but all fruit is tested for it’s eating-qualities before making it to the shelf.

The Imperial mandarin is an Australian variety, popular with consumers for it’s easy eating characteristics. It has a good balance of sweet and juicy, as well as a thin and easy-to-peel skin. It’s colouration is usually a yellow-orange, and will have a low amount of seeds on the inside depending on the specific variety. Look for the sticker to see where this variety comes from and if it has seeds.

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