The (Honey) Murcott

The Murcott mandarin is Australia’s second most produced mandarin variety, behind the Afourer mandarin.

Queensland is Australia’s biggest producer of mandarins, especially the Murcott mandarin. Murcotts are a late-season variety, meaning that they are going to be freshest closer towards the end of the citrus season. Due to different climates in growing areas, fruit matures and grows at different speeds across Australia. Queensland generally starts their harvest a bit earlier than other states but all fruit is tested for it’s eating-qualities before making it to the shelf.

The Murcott is renowned for it’s eating qualities, with particularly high sugar and juice levels. They are sometimes known as the ‘honey murcott’ thanks to their sweet. rich, honey-like flavour. The fruit is typically small to meduim in size, and flat in shape. It’s yellow-orange cloured skin is smooth and easy to peel.

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