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Ben Daking

Congress Speaker

Ben Daking has over 25 years’ experience in frost mitigation. He joined leading frost fan manufacturer Orchard-Rite in July 2023….

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Ben Reilly

Congress Speaker

Ben Reilly is the Fresh Produce Business Manager at Steritech, an Australian-based phytosanitary irradiation provider. He brings a practical, strategic…

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Benjamin Sharpe

Congress Speaker

Benjamin Sharpe is the Business Development Manager at Aerobotics. His expertise lies in integrating artificial intelligence (AI) for precise fruit…

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Brett Fifield

Hort Innovation
Congress Speaker

Brett Fifield is the CEO of Hort Innovation, the grower-owned not-for-profit research and development corporation for Australia’s horticulture industry. Brett…

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Cam Clifford

Agri Automation & AME Group
Congress Speaker

Cam is the Managing Director of Agri Automation & AME Group. He has over 30 years’ experience in the rural-based…

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Camilo Garces

Mildura Fruit Company
Congress Speaker

Camilo Garces is a Grower Services Technical Representative for Mildura Fruit Company (MFC). He provides technical support to MFC growers….

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Cara Reynolds

Congress Speaker

Cara Reynolds is the Retail Category Manager – Fruit at Woolworths. Cara has 25 years’ experience in all aspects of…

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Chris Cockle

Wonderful Citrus
Congress Speaker

Chris Cockle is Vice President of Sales – Imports and Exports at Wonderful Citrus, one of North America’s leading grower-packer-marketers…

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Clinton Jeffries

Congress Speaker

Clinton Jeffries is an Area Sales Manager with TOMRA Food, a world leading designer and manufacturer of sensor-based sorting machines…

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Daryl Joyce

Queensland Department of Agriculture & Fisheries
Congress Speaker

Daryl Joyce is a Senior Principal Horticulturist (Postharvest) at the Queensland Department of Agriculture & Fisheries (QDAF). He works within…

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David Daniels

Citrus Australia
Congress Speaker

David Daniels is the General Manager, Market Development at Citrus Australia. His role is to engage with the citrus sector…

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Emily Pattison

Congress Speaker

Emily Pattison is a horticulturist with the Queensland Department of Agriculture and Fisheries (QDAF). Based in Mareeba, she works on…

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Etienne Rabe

Wonderful Citrus
Biosecurity Symposium

Etienne Rabe is Vice President Agronomy at Wonderful Citrus, one of North America’s leading grower-packer-marketers of fresh citrus. He is…

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Graeme Sait

Nutri-Tech Solutions
Congress Speaker

Graeme Sait is the CEO of Nutri-Tech Solutions. He is a specialist agronomist in sustainable and regenerative agriculture, plant nutrition…

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Hugo LeMessurier

Coolsan Australia
Congress Speaker

Hugo LeMessurier is a strategic and corporate advisor, who handles business and corporate development for Coolsan Australia. A microbiologist by…

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Jamieson Lowe

Bureau of Meteorology
Congress Speaker

Jamieson Lowe is the (acting) Horticulture, Sugar, and Wine Segment Lead at the Australian Bureau of Meteorology. Her wide-ranging role…

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John Chavarria

Nova Fruits
Congress Speaker

John Chavarria is the owner of Nova Fruits, an international consultancy specialising in all aspects of citrus production and packing….

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John Golding

Congress Speaker

John Golding is a Research Scientist with the New South Wales Department of Primary Industries (NSW DPI). He works with…

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Juliano Ayres

Biosecurity Symposium

Juliano Ayres is the director of Fundecitrus, an association for citrus growers and juice manufacturers from the Brazilian state of…

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Luke Wood

Congress Speaker

Luke Wood is the co-founder of Escavox, an Australian-based company that gives food suppliers end-to-end visibility of their supply chains…

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Mara Milner

Citrus Australia
Congress Speaker

Mara Milner is the Market Information & Quality Project Officer at Citrus Australia. She has experience in food and fruit…

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Marion Kloos

Port of Melbourne
Congress Speaker

Marion Kloos is the Business Development Manager for Marine and Freight Network at the Port of Melbourne. Before joining the…

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Matthew Pryor

Tenacious Ventures
Congress Speaker

Matthew Pryor is co-founder of Tenacious Ventures, Australia’s first dedicated agrifood innovation venture capital firm. He was a founding board…

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Michael Dossor

Result Group
Congress Speaker

Michael Dossor is General Manager of Result Group. He has over 35 years’ experience in the packaging industry in the…

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Michelle Leslie

Elemental Enzymes
Congress Speaker

Michelle Leslie is the R&D Director of Plant Directed BioControl at Elemental Enzymes Ag & Turf. Michelle is leading research…

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Michelle Smith

Pace International
Congress Speaker

Michelle Smith is the Senior Manager for Sales and Field Service at Pace International. Michelle works between the United States…

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Nate Jameson

Brite Leaf Citrus Nursery
Biosecurity Symposium/Congress Speaker

Nate Jameson is the co-owner of Florida-based Brite Leaf Citrus Nursery, which he operates with his wife Anna and son…

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Owen Keates

Hitachi Digital Services
Congress Speaker

Owen Keates is Associate Vice President for Hitachi Digital Services in Australia and New Zealand. In this role, Owen has…

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Patrick Vizzone

Vertical Oceans
Congress Speaker

Patrick Vizzone is co-founder and CFO of Vertical Oceans. He has an extensive background in corporate and investment banking, which…

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Pauline Voorbraak

Janssen PMP
Congress Speaker

Pauline Voorbraak is the Global Product Manager – Postharvest and Crop Management at Janssen PMP, a division of Janssen Pharmaceutica…

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Rubén Pascual

Congress Speaker

Rubén Pascual is the Development Manager at C.Q.MASSÓ. His role focuses on developing new solutions and strategies for nutrition and…

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Sally Anderson

Citrus New Zealand
Biosecurity Symposium

Sally Anderson is the Research Manager for Citrus New Zealand, the industry body representing the interests of New Zealand citrus…

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Tahir Khurshid

Congress Speaker

Tahir Khurshid is a Research Physiologist with the New South Wales Department of Primary Industries (NSW DPI). He currently leads…

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Tony Filippi

Congress Speaker

Tony Filippi is the Development Officer for ANFIC, a company delivering intellectual property (IP) management and commercialisation services for varieties…

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Tristan Kitchener

Kitchener Partners
Congress MC

Tristan Kitchener is the founder of Kitchener Partners, a Melbourne-based consulting business. Having previously held senior positions with Sainsbury’s (UK)…

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Wayne Parr

Variety Access
Congress Speaker

Wayne Parr is a fourth-generation citrus grower with practical experience spanning over 40 years as a commercial grower.  He currently…

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Wayne Prowse

Fresh Intelligence Consulting
Congress Speaker

Wayne Prowse is the Director of Fresh Intelligence Consulting. With a strong background in export marketing and analytics across FMCG,…

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Xuefeng Wang

Southwest University/Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences
Biosecurity Symposium

Xuefeng Wang is the Director of the Citrus Research Institute at Southwest University/Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences. His research focuses…

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